RP129 Test App

Tests each individual battery in a battery pack and cable drop voltage. Amperage between the alternator, starter and battery pack during a starting and charging system test is also measured.

NOTE: A RP129 Test will always associate the in-vehicle battery pack with the Vehicle ID of the vehicle in which it is installed. 
IMPORTANT: For accurate testing, split battery packs must be electrically isolated to a maximum of four batteries per pack. 
IMPORTANT: Any batteries in the pack that are below 12.4 volts must be charged before the RP129 test can be performed 

Battery Pack Test 

1. Connect the Tester Pod test clamps to the battery and remove the Controller. 

NOTE: For issues with the Controller connecting to the Tester Pod, when it is connected to a <9.5V battery, replace the Pod’s 6 AA batteries 

2. On the Controller at the Main Menu tap RP129 Test. The Acquire Vehicle ID screen is displayed. 

3. Vehicle ID: Use the on-screen keypad to manually type the Vehicle ID number and tap Next

The displayed digit counter will count up the alphanumeric characters as they are being entered on the keypad. 

Use Manual Entry if the battery being tested is not listed. Tap > to continue to the Edit Battery Information screen. 

4. The Edit Battery Information screen displays vehicle and battery information. If the displayed information is correct, tap Continue to begin the Battery Test. Tap on the corresponding box to edit the parameter information. 

NOTE: If no Reserve Capacity/Amp Hours value is entered, the analyzer will use the average RC rating for a flooded Group 31 battery (180 minutes). 
NOTE: See Instruction Manual, Appendix B for test parameter descriptions. 

5. Connect the clamps from the Tester Pod to the first battery in the pack. 

6. Align the temperature sensor on the Controller over the battery and tap Capture. The test begins when the temperature is successfully captured. 

7. Tap OK to test the battery. 

8. Repeat Steps 5-7 for each individual battery. 

9. Repeat the testing process until all batteries in the pack have been tested. 

After the last battery in the pack has been tested, the results of the individual battery tests are displayed. 

Updated on May 21, 2020

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