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Out of Vehicle Test App


Use Out Of Vehicle Test to test and verify the condition of customer batteries that are out-of-vehicle for possible return and/or warranty claim. 

1. Connect the Tester Pod test clamps to the battery. 

NOTE: For any reoccurring issues with the Controller connecting to the Tester Pod, and the Tester Pod is connected to a <9.5V battery, replace the Pod’s 6 AA batteries. 

2. At the Main Menu, tap Out Of Vehicle Test. The Edit Battery Information screen is displayed. 

3. Enter the correct battery information for each field. 

NOTE: See Appendix B for test parameter descriptions. 

4. Align the temperature sensor on the Controller over the battery and tap Capture. The test begins when the temperature is successfully captured. 

Battery Test Results 

The test results are displayed on the Controller screen. 

NOTE: See Appendix A for possible test result descriptions. 

To send the test results to a configured printer tap Send Results. Tap Done or to return to the Main Menu. 

Updated on May 21, 2020

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