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The Main Menu contains the following apps:

Single Battery Test For testing vehicles using a single 12V battery. Includes a full System Test option with or without Amp Clamp. 
Multi-Battery Test For testing vehicles with 2 or more batteries connected in parallel. Includes a full System Test option with or without Amp Clamp. 
Out of Vehicle Test For testing out-of-vehicle customer batteries for possible return. 
RP129 Test Uses RP129 protocol to test each individual battery in a pack. Measures cable voltage drop between the alternator, starter and battery pack during System Test. Current measured during System Test with optional Amp Clamp. 
Cable Drop Tests both sides of a circuit simultaneously for voltage drop. Includes three preset and one user-defined test. 
24 Volt Test Use to assess battery pack State Of Health and deliverable current potential in applications using two 12 volt batteries connected in series. Includes System Test with or without optional Amp Clamp. 
Digital Multimeter The Digital Multimeter includes DC Volts, AC Volts, DC Amps, AC Amps, Ohms, Diode Drop, Amps Volts, and battery temperature for troubleshooting low voltage electrical circuits in a vehicle. 
History Access archived test histories or search test history by Vehicle ID or by technician. 
Support Access the analyzer Self-Test and a digitized version of the Instruction Manual. 
Messages Displays alerts and notifications for upcoming tests and activities including scheduled tests, tool software updates and maintenance opportunities. 
Settings Setup/adjust: WiFi, printer setup, email settings, user information, default language, display and sound settings, BMIS information, shop information, and connected devices. Also access to tester software version information. 
Updated on May 21, 2020

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